Tuesday 1 September 2009

On the painting tray for September

In August, I managed to paint 15 Garrison Hoplite Greeks and complete 24 Hastati and 24 Principes, including basing for the Romans. That's 63 figures in 25mm. In order to be able to put on Zama, I need to paint 50 infantry per month; it does look as though I'm on target, so far at least. For September, I have on the tray another 24 Principes; 24 Triarii; a Legionary command stand of 4 figures; and 12 Slingers to update that I bought with a basic paint job already on them. If I manage this lot, I'll have the whole of the first legion for Zama and some of the slingers for the Carthaginians, if needed.

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  1. Thanks, Sara, I'm kind of learning as I go. The main reason I got into this is that my more IT literate friends said it was a good way to keep an ongoing record, for myself if nothing else.

    Thanks again