Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Empire, Turn 1: 350-340 BCE

We have now played the entire first turn of the campaign from Philip Sabin's Empire game. A summary of the events:

1: Bactria slips from Persian control.
2: The Macedonians under Philip II attack Greece and are defeated in a close-fought battle. Prince Alexander is badly wounded leading the Companions.
3: The Persian Empire fails to add Aegyptus to its dominions.
4: A Carthaginian invasion fleet is scattered off Sicily by severe storms.
5: Rome just fails to bring central Italia under its domination when a consular army is defeated and the consul killed in battle.

Strangely enough, not one of the major powers has managed to add to its territory; indeed, the Persians lost a province. All of the battles have been incredibly close, two of them draws. Maybe we are just getting better at Tactica II.

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