Wednesday 21 April 2010

Deployments at Zama

From right to left as you look at them, these four pictures show the Romans from their front.
The first shot is of the Roman heavy cavalry, Laelius commanding. You can also see a column of legionaries and one of Scipio's elephant channels:
Now we move along the front of the Roman deployment. The heavy horse are just off to the right of this photograph. It clearly shows more legionaries in columns; the elephant channels; and Velites out front:
Moving along to the next batch of legionaries. You can see some of Masinissa's throng of Numidian cavalry to the left:
And finally, a full shot of the Numidians:
Now for the Carthaginians. The first photo here is of Tychaeus' Numidians. These are outnumbered two to one by Masinissa, but are of much better quality. In the event, they managed to hold their own:
Part of Hannibal's centre. Tychaeus is off to the right of this shot:
The rest of the Carthaginian centre:
Finally, the heavy cavalry facing Laelius. They are more numerous than the Romans, but not so good:

For reasons of space, we set up the Carthaginian lines relatively close to one another. As the game progressed, they spaced out nicely. More shots to come!


  1. Looks very impressive, Paul! Reminds me of the Roman checkerboard in Spartacus.

    How much does that sand table weigh?

  2. Hi Simon, glad to see you have survived the first of your big games! I have no idea of the weight of the thing. If I ever get around to doing mine, I'm shamelessly going to copy James (Olicanalad) and use kitchen base units for storage, with the table on top. I reckon I can fit a table of 4.5 feet by 12' into my garage and still have room to put in a loo. But this sort of conversion is a long way off.

    By the way, one of our club members, Euan, will be at Salute. He says he's really looking forward to seeing your game - I hope you meet up okay.

    Cheers and good luck with the next one!

  3. Thanks Paul, it should be fine, at Salute. Last week was the hard one. Tell Euan to come over and play!

    I wish I still had a garage; ours is now my wife's office.

  4. Hi Simon, I've passed on the invitation. Good luck with Salute.