Friday, 9 April 2010

Large Phalanx

A shot of the massed phalanx. Some of these need reworking, but that will come. Originally, I wanted a generic Successor phalanx that would stand in for Pontic ex-slaves freed to fight Romans, so I bought Essex Seleucids and gave them random shield colours. The only other thing I will need to do is sort out some command stands. From past experience, Old Glory command bags work in nicely with Essex, so I may well go with a couple of sets of those.


  1. Nice force

    In a wargaming campaign I an playing in just now, my Hellenistic Greeks are about to set-to (fight) with the might of Seleucid Empire.

    Your post caught my eye as what I am likely to be shortly seeing F2F, plus their four legged friends.

    Variety is not a problem with the Seleucid ;)
    Best Wishes

  2. Hi Geordie, thanks for having a look. And good luck with the campaign; may the best Hellenistics win!


  3. Nice paint job - v. colourful and effective.