Thursday, 22 April 2010

Zama: The Battle Begins

In the first photo, above, the heavy horse on the Carthaginian right retires, albeit piecemeal. In the next photo, the Romans begin to advance their own heavies. The centremost unit has dropped back, a bit wary of advancing Carthaginian elephants (which you can just see at the top right of the shot):
Next up is a long-range picture of the elephants and skirmishers beginning to close:
Meanwhile, on the Carthaginian left, Tychaeus advances bravely in the face of overwhelming numbers, and Masinissa follows suit:
The Velites start to score hits on the elephants:


  1. Great stuff! Nice terrain, great figures.

    Which rules are you using to fight this?

  2. Thanks, Phil. The rules are a pre-publication set of Tactica II. The original Tactica was well known as an excellent simulation, but was hampered in being more widely accepted by having relatively few armies that could fight one another. It had very restrictive deployment and army break point rules; these could be seen as being very good ways to model ancient warfare, but did reduce the gaming appeal, especially in the classical period. The new rules take most of the same movement, melee and missile mechanics but they free up the command structure and deployment. More importantly, they have a points value system. These don't always work in most rules, right enough, but they give enough variation to make the new edition very useable.

    Most importantly for us, they give a good fun game. Should be published in the very near future.

    Thanks for the comment!