Thursday 1 April 2010

On the painting tray: April 2010

March saw the completion of the last of the Romans I promised to do for Zama: 24 Principes, 24 Triarii and 2 army command figures. Pictures to follow soon. Now that my brain and wallet are fed up with Romans, I want to take a break from them and continue with my revamp of older figures. April sees eighteen 25mm Naismith Designs Macedonian Companions, plus a mounted Alexander figure. Our club is hoping to put on Zama at several shows in Scotland over the summer, and I would like to add to my contingent so as to be able to field a Polybian Roman army in full. At the moment I have the legions only; some Roman and Numidian horse would help to flesh it out a bit more. But I do need a break from them.


  1. Well done for getting the Romans done! Not long to go, now... Simon

  2. Cheers, Simon. I'd like to organise enough casualty figures for both sides, but that can wait a little.