Saturday, 24 April 2010

Zama: Towards the Final Stages

In the first photo (above) the Romans contact the Carthaginian City Militia. Not enough damage has been done to the Hastati, so the Carthaginian third line is apprehensive. Below: on the far left of the Roman line, the Triarii have seen off one unit of enemy cavalry, and another is about to be caught by more Roman infantry:
On the far right of the Roman army, the lone unit of City Militia is about to meet some Triarii of its own:
Switching back to the Roman left rear, the wide ranging Carthaginian cavalry meets the second unit of Triarii. Good job the Romans moved them there, but this legion as a whole is now vulnerable to frontal attack by Hannibal's veterans:
First, though, the Romans deal with the other unit of cavalry:

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